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Welcome to Free Advice to Get Ex Back!

The fact is…there are so many people offering free advice to get ex back it’s hard to believe everything you read.

Now, you will probably come across some sites that are so “in your face” it’s frustrating, you know what I mean, the kind that have pop-ups everywhere telling you “BUY THIS”…“BUY THAT”…

…and then there are those sites that are here to truly help you through this extremely painful time in your life.

This site is, and I hope you will agree, a part of the latter group…the one who really wants to help.


Because…even though you feel like no one has ever felt this way…I too have been in the same situation.

And believe me…I know how devastating it can be!

My story…

I have always felt very fortunate to have found my best friend to spend my life with when I was 21. We were married and together for 23 years…that was over half my life!

But…I was always filled with the fairy tale dream that you find THE ONE who absolutely makes your heart flip flop.

And although I was somewhat happy…my spouse, who was my best friend, was just that…my best friend…not my prince charming.

Can you understand?

Well…as they say…to make a long story short…

We divorced after 18 years of marriage and I never felt that it was a wrong choice because I really wanted to find that feeling that I knew was out there but had missed all these years.

I wanted to be truly in love.

Okay…you probably know where I’m going with this…enter Mike…the one who has made me feel what it was like to be in love and feel loved.

Everything was going great for about a year and then stuff started to go wrong…little things…finding faults with each other…bickering…not calling…the things that were all little but added up to a lot.

So…he decided it was time to “take a break”…you know what that means…he wanted to get out.

I was pretty devastated!

I didn’t want to function as a human being…I wanted to hide from the world because I felt like just a shell of a person and my thoughts weren’t cohesive.

Are you there now?

Man…I’m so sorry if you are. I hadn’t experienced those feelings before and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy!

Wow…I could really go on and on as I sit here and relive those feelings but I don’t want to bore you.

So…my solution?

I decided to pick myself up…dust myself off…and find free advice to get my ex back.

And you know what?…I DID!

After hours of research I found a lot of advice but what really did the trick was finding a mentor, someone who really understood what it takes to get him back.

I was so proud of myself and we are now back together with a renewed jest for our relationship.

I know…sounds a bit corny…but true.

So this is my way of helping those who are going through the same thing.

Take a look around and I wish you nothing but success in getting your ex back!

It is a well known fact that women seem to be attracted to the bad boy type but you may be asking “is being a ‘bad boy’ really the way to get my ex girlfriend back?”

First let’s try to understand why women feel they need this type of man.

Generally speaking, most women are in love with the idea of romance and being treated like a princess. They want their Zack Mayo in An Officer and a Gentleman.

The confidence in which Mayo struts in to take his woman is something a woman wants from her man…someone who is confident and in control.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a bad boy…you just need to have those qualities.

What qualities you may ask…

  • confidence
  • control
  • passion
  • adventure
  • spontaneity

These characteristics sometimes appear as though a man does not treat his woman very well because they just do what they want…when they want.

This is a magnet to women because it brings along the excitement, spontaneity and adventurous spirit they look for in a man.

Along with those characteristics another important feature a woman looks for is to ‘feel appreciated’. If she doesn’t get it from you, she will go elsewhere to find it.

Remember, the fact that she was attracted to you in the first place shows that you have the qualities she wants in a partner. Your ex is probably feeling less appreciated as she felt when you first started dating.

Learning how to get my ex girlfriend back is all about understanding what they really want and giving it to them.

For any woman who has tried to understand a man…it can appear so complicated because, as we all know, men are not comfortable talking about feelings and emotions. Learn how to get my ex boyfriend back by understanding these 5 free tips.

Tip 1: DO NOT try to test and play games with your man. This is the surest way to get him to run the other way! Be straightforward with your feelings and get to the point.

Tip 2: A man needs to feel desired. The definition of desire is: 1. to wish or long for; crave; want. Sorry…I don’t mean to sound like I’m demeaning your intelligence but I thought it was important to point this out because many women mistake desire for desperation. Act needy and this will turn him off immediately!

Tip 3: Appreciate what they do without complaining and nagging. Men cannot stand being bitched at constantly…let’s face it…who does!?! Be supportive and stand by you man and he will respond in a positive way.

Tip 4: Give him his space. Do not smother him. Give him time out with his friends and to be able to do “guy” things. This one small gesture on your part will make him a much happier man!

Tip 5: Do not try to make him jealous. This is along the lines of playing games…just DON’T DO IT! It will definitely backfire on you as it will send him a message that you’re over the relationship which will give him free rein to see other people as well. Besides…it’s just bad taste!

You may have heard this advice before but are you following them? It’s very important at this stage of your relationship to try to repair the damage…not make it worse or you may loose the chance on how to get my ex boyfriend back forever.

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